About us

ERA WysockiFHU ERA is a construction company that guarantees the high quality services , knowledge of modern and traditional technologies.

All of our projects are realized and authorized by CERESIT POLAND.

The Companies’ work is based on Ceresit systems. The knowledge has been achieved by taking part in trainings, materials in use are made by HENKEL-CERESIT. Employees of FHU ERA are updated with news and trends in the construction industry.

Ceresit materials are popular and have a good reputation among Customers. This is confirmed by numerous medals, awards and distinctions gained over several years so can be recommend to all Customers.

ERA realize projects:
– Insulation system with the use of CERESIT CERETHERM (Visage, Express,Impactum,Wool Classic, Wool Garage)
– Artistic plasters Visage, plaster finishing and painting
– Reconstruction of the horizontal insulation – with the use of the gravity and pressure methods,
– Washing of the elevations and roofs with a use of a pressure washer. Removal of fungi, mosses and algae from the surfaces with a use of special preparations.

Our offer is dedicated to both – individual clients and companies.
We can assure that all orders we will realize with care and due diligence in order to provide the best quality.

We guarantee reliable and timely fulfillment of the orders entrusted to us.

Visage by Nature