Decoration plasters

cer2ceresit visage12346644_532266353617093_1104042221_nThe latest architectural trends derive from the beauty of the natural materials. Modern designs very often use stone, wood and metal as a dominant or complementary elements of the facade. Unfortunately the authentic materials are not only very expensive but also difficult in the transportation, processing and applications. Many years of experience in the industry construction products and knowledge on the latest trends in architecture allowed us to create a new, unique line of plasters and VISAGE paints, inspired by nature.

Name of the line (visage means image, appearance) refers to our main premise of allowing investors to implement of the elegant and exclusive projects. This is a response to the challenges of a modern design, which appreciate minimalism and simplicity and full of the experiments and innovative, unique ideas.

  • Painting of the facade.
  • Painting of the inside walls of the building.